Photo, right: Quethiock church.

A Church Record promotes the recognition and preservation of the rich artistic heritage in places of worship of all religions, by recording their fixtures and furnishings. We also research the history of these objects by visits to Cornwall Record Office. 

The Liskeard Arts Society church recorders are helping to create, in words and photographs, a comprehensive record of the furnishings, artefacts and some of the fabric of a church as it is in the 21st century. Members of the churches we have recorded are sometimes surprised by what we find! This artistic heritage can be at risk from theft, negligence, fire or flood; but once a church has a record, then any necessary restoration or recovery is much simpler. So in making the record, we hope to ensure the preservation and appreciation of a rich and important cultural heritage.  

Participating churches are presented with an illustrated book detailing each item and its history. Copies of the record are also deposited at Historic England, the Church Care Council, the National Art Library (V&A) and local County Records Office or County History Centre.

We have recorded the churches at Quethiock, St. Winnow and St. Ive, and Sheviock, and we are now working at St. Wenna, Morval.  If you would like to join us, you'd be very welcome.