You're very welcome to come to any of our regular events as a visitor or guest - but regular membership gives you several significant advantages: to begin with, while a non-member pays £6 per meeting, the cost of membership, £40 per person per year, or £75 joint (ie for two in the same household), is superb value for the nine scheduled talks. Not only that, but if you're a member you will be given priority booking for our Discovery Days, our lunches and our visits and tours, giving you a much better chance of securing a place.

Membership also makes you eligible to join the committee; this not only helps you get to know a dozen or so interesting people really quite well, but also is an honour, giving you the opportunity to help decide the future of our organisation.

In addition, the Arts Society has over 350 member societies in the UK and overseas (see, and 90,000 individual members worldwide. If you're a member of our society you're always very welcome to attend meetings of other societies, giving an extra dimension to your independent travels in the UK and overseas.

For a membership application form, please copy this link into your web browser:

And for a standing order form, it's: